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A Practical Guide to Disney's Magic Kingdom Vacation

by Gio, Founder on August 07, 2019     Orlando
Practical tips on how to have an enjoyable yet affordable vacation visiting the Magic Kingdom


Do you always dream of having a fun-filled Disney Vacation for you and your family?  Do you wish you could bring your children to the Magic Kingdom so they could experience the joy, fun and excitement the park offers without having to break the bank?  Do you desire that vacation but hate large crowds, traffic and the heat? If your answer is Yes to all these questions, then consider the tips below. 


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Determine First When To Take That Vacation

It is not necessary to visit the Magic Kingdom during summer which is its peak season. The park is open 365 days a year. The only exceptions are when hurricanes hit or affect the city. Having fun in the park is not diminished in any way if you consider visiting the Magic Kingdom during fall or winter.  


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The days between September and early December is a good time to take that Magic Kingdom Vacation. The truth is you will enjoy a lot of savings in terms of airfare, hotel accommodations and even tickets to the park. Likewise, there are fewer visitors which means less traffic and shorter lines. The exceptions, of course, are the week of Thanksgiving and December.


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Plan Ahead of What You Want to See or Do in the Magic Kingdom

If you only had a day to spend in the Magic Kingdom, what would you and your family see first or spend more time at? Is there anything in particular they want to do or get done?  Would you or your kids prefer spending time having pictures taken with all the Disney characters instead of lining up for the various rides?

Finding out what will be more enjoyable for you and your family will go a long way in ensuring a very fulfilling stay in the park. 

Check Search for Special Packages and Cheaper Airfare

The Magic Kingdom provides packages that might fit your budget.  These are offered primarily for the non-peak months. Furthermore, Disney offers payment plans where you can make small deposits as early as a year before your planned vacation.  This is another way of setting aside money and building up funds for your vacation.

Airlines offer cheaper fares to Orlando during non-peak months.  Specials include traveling to and from the city during weekdays instead of weekends.  The airport is less crowded and you can get better deals on car rentals such as free upgrades.

Consider Accommodation Outside of the Magic Kingdom

You don't have to stay in any of Disney's resort hotels to enjoy your visit at the Magic Kingdom.  There are many comparable hotels and resorts that are close to the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks.  During the non-peak months, many of these offer special packages which are worth checking.

One such resort is the Vacation Village Parkway in Kissimmee. It is minutes away from the Magic Kingdom and a short ride from the airport.  By the way, the resort provides shuttle service to the parks and from or to the airport.  


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Be Fully Rested Before You Visit the Magic Kingdom

Make sure you have enough sleep the night before you visit the Magic Kingdom.  Being healthy is not the same as having a full night's rest.  You will be walking in the park for hours.  If you have kids, then you know sleep is essential for them too before the big day.  Being fully rested means being able to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the Magic Kingdom and going home full of good memories.

For this reason, your accommodations should be chosen carefully.  You should choose a hotel that provides the comforts of home and the amenities you and your family will need. Again, the Vacation Village Parkway can be such a place for you.  Just check out their website and the independent reviews by their past clients.


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