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Five Top Tips When Visiting Disney World in 2020

by Karenina on February 10, 2020     Orlando
The best days to visit Disney World

The best days to visit Disney World are the weeks right after Thanksgiving before the December Holidays.  The middle of January until the middle of February is also a good time.  You won’t go wrong if you choose March, May, September, October and the weeks of November before Thanksgiving.  


Now, if you’re stuck with summer,  we’ve got a bit of good news for you!  The number of people who visited Disney World during the last two summers is not what it used to be.   There’s a high probability that 2020 will not be different. 

But whatever time of the year you’re visiting Disney World, here are some tips that can help you have a fun-filled and exciting time.  

1. Always check out what’s new

There’s a lot of information about Disney World on the internet.  You might miss reading about the scheduled makeovers of attractions in each park.  We’ve compiled a list for your easy reference. 

            Magic Kingdom

            Stitch’s Great Escape – Closed Indefinitely

            Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Closed May 4 to May 21, 2020

            Splash Mountain – Closed Until Late February 2020

            Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse – Closed April 27 to May 3, 2020

            Walt Disney World Railroad –  Inoperational until late 2020


            IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth – Permanently Ended

            Impressions de France – Reopens January 2020

            Test Track – January 13, 2020 until late February 26, 2020

            Animal Kingdom

            Primeval Whirl – Check  Website for Schedule

            Water Parks

            Typhoon Lagoon –  Closed middle of January 2020 until the end of March 2020

2. Plan Your Park Itinerary

You can download a map of all the parks and plan ahead which attractions you want to see.  Everybody wants to be first in line at any of these.  Waking up early and being at the park once it opens is a good idea.  But, did you know that there are other ways of beating long lines?   

If you are visiting the Magic Kingdom, from Main Street, walk to the farthest attraction in your itinerary.   From Cinderella’s Castle, on the far right is Fantasyland and on the far left is Frontierland.  People have this tendency to go to the nearest attractions upon entering the park.  Trust us!  The farthest attractions have the shortest lines in the morning.   You can also apply the same strategy while in other parks. 

Take a break from noon until the early afternoon.  Return to your hotel for lunch and rest for a few hours. The crowds are the thickest from mid-morning until early afternoon.  Recharged, you’ll have renewed energy for the rest of your park’s visit.  Keep in mind, tired kids can get cranky and yes, adults too!

FastPass+ is another way of avoiding long lines. You can make reservations to access your favorite attractions, entertainment and Character greetings from your smartphone. Don’t forget to download the My Disney Experience Mobile app.

3. Bring Your Meals and Snacks

Not only do you avoid long lines but also save money!  You can bring any food that does not require heating when visiting Disney World.  Avoid bringing food that will spoil because of the heat.  There aren’t any picnic grounds, so only bring food like sandwiches that are easy to eat.   Water costs a lot in the parks so bringing your own is a smart idea.  Take note: Glass containers, hard-sided coolers and alcohol are not allowed.   

4. Shopping should be last

The shops at any of the parks won’t run out of stuff by the day’s end.  If you find yourself still shopping at closing time, don’t worry!  They won’t let people in but you won’t be forced out.  Another advantage of shopping last is you won’t be burdened by all that stuff while enjoying the rides and attractions.

Our shopping tip: Visit Disney’s Character Warehouse shops in Orlando for discounted merchandise.

5. Don’t forget the little things that matter

When visiting Disney World, don’t take for granted the simple stuff that will make your vacation truly memorable.  Here are other reminders that we ask you to heed:  

            Be ready for rains even during summer.  Bring ponchos and umbrellas.

            Walk rather than taking a ride between parks if it isn’t too hot.

            Drink water often.  It’s easy to get dehydrated. 

            Buy the refillable drink mug for coffee, tea, sodas and hot cocoa.

            Stay late at the Magic Kingdom.  The light and fireworks display is worth the wait.

To Wrap Up

Coming from people who have visited Disney World several times, these tips will not only save you time and money.  Follow them and you’ll have that fun-filled and exciting visit at Disney World!

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