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Top 5 Things to do in Orlando in 2020

by Karenina on February 10, 2020     Orlando
Orlando is more than theme parks

There is more to Orlando than being the theme park capital of the world.   Admittedly though, it’s the theme parks that are driving millions of tourists to the city every year.   But aside from the main attractions, there’s a lot to see and do in the top destination in the U.S.  If you’re still planning your itinerary or don’t have an idea what to do on a “free” day, here are five things to do in Orlando we recommend for the year 2020.

1. Visit the Chocolate Museum and other Attractions

Everyone has their favorite chocolate bar but only have a faint idea where it comes from or how it’s made.  There are only 5 chocolate museums in the U.S – Pennsylvania (2), New York (1), Indiana (1) and Florida (1).  So, while in Orlando, visit the Chocolate Museum and Café at International Drive.  For $16.95 or less with a coupon, you get to go on a 45-minute guided tour plus the opportunity to taste all kinds of chocolate from around the world.  Trust us, the visit will whet your appetite.


There are other attractions in Orlando that aren’t advertised with great fanfare.  They are worth visiting and here are three you might want to check out:

            The Wheel at Icon Park


            Sea Life Aquarium

2. Ride a Hot Air Balloon

How about doing something fun,  thrilling, exciting yet peaceful?  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists.  It’s not the same as flying on an airplane.  You get to soar with the birds in a wicker basket in almost total silence.  The blasts of the balloon’s burner as it vents hot air is the only unnatural sound you’ll hear.  See Orlando and the Florida countryside slowly pass beneath your feet.  The views are breathtaking!

Rides are safe and usually take an hour.  Balloon crews are professional but friendly.   A balloon ride can be pricey, around $165 - $175 per person, but it’s worth every penny.  Add riding a hot air balloon in your things-to-do-in-Orlando list. You won’t find the same natural high (pun intended) anywhere else!

Here are two companies that have good reviews for your consideration:  

            Orlando Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon

            Bob’s Balloons


3. Ride an Airboat

If you’ve been to the theme parks, you probably had your fill of most of the popular rides.  Why not try a “real” one for a change.  Airboat rides are only available in the Gulf Coast States like Louisiana and Florida.  Get to see the native flora & fauna, including alligators, if the timing is right.  You can always argue that you’ll add riding an airboat on your next things-to-do-in-Orlando list.  But, are you sure you’ll be back in Florida?  Rides cost from $30 to $90. Here are some Airboat companies with good reviews:

            Orlando: 90-Minute Airboat Everglades Adventure Tour

            Spirit of the Swamp Airboat Rides

            Crystal River Tour with Everglades Airboat Ride and Optional Manatee Adventures

4. Recharge at Orlando’s Many Parks

How about spending time in a laid-back atmosphere for rest and relaxation?  Anyway,  isn’t an ideal vacation supposed to be stress-free and easy on the wallet?  Amidst all the fun and excitement Orlando is known for, are nature parks that provide a lot of amenities.  Several of these offer canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking and biking.  They are clean and well-maintained.  Admission is free in most of them.  If you had to pay, the price is less than the cost of a decent burger! Why not visit the parks below?      

            Kissimmee Lakefront Park

            Lake Eola Park

            Lake Underhill Park


5. Check out the Local Restaurants

You’re going to eventually eat at any of the hundreds of restaurants in the Orlando area.  Honestly, it’s not easy to make a choice.  Usually, visitors end up dining at the familiar fast food or restaurant chain. You are missing out if you don’t at least try one of the local restaurants. Below are three recommended dining places in Orlando. 

            LA. Boiling Seafood Crab & Crawfish


A post shared by Marissa (@rissfitkitty) on


            Café Pinar


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            Boi Brazil Churrascaria


A post shared by Boi Brazil Churrascaria (@boibrazil) on

Wrapping Up

While you’re planning for things to do in Orlando, add at least one of the above to your list.  You won’t go wrong with any of them.

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